Who Has Your Power?

There was a time in my life when I had no power. No direction, no energy, no control.
I was a guy who always knew what I wanted and a plan on how to get there. I was confident, sure of myself.
But one day I discovered that I was in a place of not knowing, of not having any control in my life. I had recently found out that my marriage was unraveling. That my wife wanted a divorce. And I would do anything to make it work. All I could think about was what did I do wrong and how could I fix it? But no matter what I did, I couldn’t fix my marriage. I had no control over the situation and it made me feel powerless. I felt like a puppet. I felt lost… I felt insecure about everything.
Perhaps you are in the same place in your life? A place of not being in control of your life? Feeling like someone else is making the choices? Feeling powerless? Feeling like you don’t have a say? Your life is not working for you?
Perhaps you’d like to get your power back..get back your mojo? Get it back at work? Get it back in your relationship? Take back control of your life?
Let me share a little story with you.
During my dark days when I felt lost, I met a man named Bob. He was instrumental during those days. I had never met a man quite like Bob. He would ask me questions, and it was like he was giving me answers without actually giving them to me. It was magical..
One day when I was really down and out he asked me…
“Hey Red..who has your power?”
I told him that I don’t have it anymore, and he asked me again, ”Red, Who has your power?”
I told him that my wife took my power..
He then taught me one of the most important lessons that I use to this day.
NO ONE can take your power…you can only give it away.
I’d like to repeat that
NO ONE can take your power…you can only give it away.
One more time..
NO ONE can take your power…you can only give it away.
Lesson # 1..breathe it in..absorb it..live by it.. You and only you are in control of your life.
Then Bob asked me, “Red, Do you want to get your power back?”
Of course! But I don’t know how to do it..
Perhaps some of you are facing a similar issue? You don’t know how to take back control of your life?
So what did Bob suggest? He suggested that I attend a men’s empowerment weekend..
A men’s empowerment weekend? What do we do on a men’s empowerment weekend?
On the weekend.. we take a good hard look at oursleves..we peel away our onion.. layer by layer we begin the process of getting to our core.. our passion, our power.. the parts we had covered up for so long..
I faced the part of myself that I didn’t to face.. my fears, my obstacles, the parts that was holding me back from living my life..
Think about a nuclear reactor..the nuclear rod is your heart, your passion, your power… the cooling water and the very thick concrete covers your core. Over the years we erect those layers.
We also have the power to peel away those layers… pull them down..and understand why we;ve put them there… why we choose to cover up our power ..the concrete is our obstacle. The cooling water is the moat that prevents us from reaching our core..the beauty, energy and power in all of us..
Lesson # 1 This is your mantra — NO ONE and NO thing can take your power.,.you can only give it away.
Lesson # 2 To take back your mojo..you will need to take a look at yourself..start peeling your layers.
And how do we do that? We can join a group..we can ask our friends for help.. we find a buddy..someone that can help us..because it’s very challenging to do this work ourselves..
We start by asking ourselves the tough questions…
1) Who or what did we give our power to?
2) What are the obstacles we placed in our way?
3) List the obstacles.
4) List anything and everything that gets in our way.
5) Don’t judge the list..just wrote them down..
The first step is knowing what’s in our way.
And then we can work on addressing each obstacle. Understanding ourselves.. start touching that core.. feeling our power.. and discovering the reasons we were put on this planet.

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