The Buddy System

How do we continue living our passion every day?
Don’t we forget our passion as we get caught up in our lives?
Don’t we get lazy?
Doesn’t life get in the way?
And before we know it.. time has passed..
And we’re not any closer to living our passion..
What are some tools we can use to keep us focused and on track?
Let me share with you of my most important tools that continue to work for me.
I like to call this “The buddy system.” ( No, the phrase is not original)
Remember when you were in kindergarten?
We always had our buddies.
The teacher would tell everyone to choose a buddy.
And we normally picked our friends.
I would have loved to pick a cute girl..
But.. I went to an all boys that wasn’t happening.
So instead.. I picked my best friend..
In the classroom we’d always choose our buddy for  the class trip..
On the bus,  the teacher would say..”buddies hold hands.”
Once we got off the bus..the teacher would say
“buddies stay together.”
Watch out for your buddy… keep your buddy in your sight..
These buddies held us accountable.
We were responsible for each other.
We took care of each other.
And we loved each other.
Yes..what we learn in kindergarten can guide us through our life.
If we follow the same principles that we learned in kindergarten,
we will get where we need to be..
More about that later…
Now back to the buddy system.
Think about the people in your life.
The people that you can count on.
My suggestion…
Don’t choose your significant other.. Not a wise choice for your buddy…
Not mom and not siblings..
Your good friend makes a good buddy.. just like in kindergarten
Someone that you can trust
Someone that you can rely on..
Someone that loves you..
And someone that you love back.
And this is to all the straight guys out there..
Yes! You can love a man.
Let me explain how this works..
We let ourselves slide so easily.
We lose ourselves so quickly.
When we hold ourselves accountable…
We make promises that we don’t keep.
I’ll start that diet…
I’ll work on my resume..
…Next week.
I’ll start jogging
…next month..
And then it’s 6 months later and we’re still in the same place..
This is not my opinion..
This is data.
This is fact.
Gyms make fortunes on people who don’t follow through.
Gym membership skyrockets in January.
New Years resolutions!! Woo Woo
Gyms offer deals in January..
They are salivating for your money.
Because they know it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
January’s here….you sign’re going twice a’re feeling super.
This is soooo easy!  You feel amazing!
February rolls around—maybe you’re going once a week.
March.. You’ve lost your membership card.
April..What gym did I belong to?
Sound familiar?
Is this you?
If it is…please don’t worry…This is the no judgment zone.
And you’re in the majority..
Now…..if we had a buddy..that we counted one .that we committed to..
We would act differently..
Why do we act differently?
When we hold ourselves accountable…we don’t have to answer to anyone.
Hmmm.. gym..or twinkie?
On the other hand.. when we commit to our buddies…
we don’t want to face up to our friends..
we don’t want to listen to them question us
We don’t want them to question our work ethic..
Question our commitment to ourselves
And most importantly.. question our commitment to  them…. Yes..we’ve made a commitment to them.
Yes..we’re not just out of integrity to ourselves, if we don’t do what we commit …we are out of integrity to our buddy.. because we made that commitment to them..
I want to be a man of my word..
a man of integrity..
I want people to know that I will do what I say I will do.
I’m a man that they can count on..
I’m a man that lives up to my commitments, my word..
And I’ll also do it so I don’t have to deal with their feedback.
The BUDDY system!!
So find your buddy.
And start with a little step.
Have you always wanted to write a book? Never found the time?
Commit to your buddy — 20 minutes each week.
And please don’t tell me that you don’t have 20 minutes each week to live your passion..
We can all set aside 20 minutes each week..if we want to..
Don’t look at the end’ll think it’s unachievable. How can I possibly write a book with just 20 minutes each week?
Just take that first step.
I’m guessing that you’ve been thinking about that book for years…
So..start with the 20 minutes.. .
You’ll start to feel good about yourself..
And eventually it’ll be 20 minutes twice a week.
30 minutes twice a week and so on.
In fact before you know’ll have finished your book.
And our buddies will help us along our path..
Our buddies will look out for us..
This buddies will helps us with all our other passions.
And you’ll start to help out your buddies… and you can hold each other accountable.
So write down the first passion you want touch..the one that you’ve been holding back…
The one hat’s screaming the loudest..
It wants to be heard..
Give it voice.

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