How to Find a Job You're Passionate About

Perhaps you’re in a job that you can’t stand.
Maybe it’s a struggle to go to work every single day.
Is it challenging pull yourself out of bed?
Are you in a dead end job?
Do you want to get out?
Do you want to do something that you feel happy about?
That you feel passionate about?
That gets your blood pumping.
That makes you feel proud of yourself?
Is this something you want to do for yourself?
How do you make that jump?
From a dead end job to a job you love?
The good news is… We become most creative when we face obstacles..
So don’t get down on yourself..
When we’re gliding along..every day, we don’t think outside the box.
It’s when we face a challenge..when our road is blocked and we need to figure out another way to reach our destination.. that’s when we really become brilliant and the magic is created.
So pick your head up..and look at this as an opportunity for yourself.
Because that’s exactly what it is..
So the first step is discovering our passion..
And this is the most important part of it all.
Because when you love your’s not’s play..
We all think that we need to take the job just because of the money..
That may be okay for the short term..and eventually we will hate it..
Trust me..I;ve been there.. it’s not worth it..
So let’s find our passion
The first exercise is to take money out of the equation..
Put money aside..
This exercise will help us discover who we who we really are, and what we really want to do..
So..lets go to “Red’s magical place..
Pretend you had an additional $1,000 to spend..
How would you spend it?
Perhaps you’d pay down some credit card debt?
Perhaps you’d take yourself to dinner?
Buy some new clothes?
Or even…(gulp) open a savings account with it?
Now..pretend you had an additional $3,000 to spend..
Maybe pay down some other debts?
Start an IRA?
Start a college fund for your kids?
Now pretend that figure was $5,000
And then $10,000
And lets top it off at $10,000,000
Next to each figure…write down what you’d do with the money… and what would change in your life.
How would you live your life differently?
You’ll discover what you really want to do with your life..
It won’t be all about the money
Money won’t be the driving force in your decision process ..because you’ll have it.
And is the time…you may be saying..
But Red!!
This is not reality!
I don’t have the money!
I’m broke..
I’m living paycheck to paycheck
I don’t even have an extra $ 500
I barely have rent money!
I need a job!!!
Take a breath my friends…and trust me a little..
Take another very deep breath…
It’s all good..
Because it’s not about the money..’s not…
It’s about how we want to live our lives..
Bill Gates and Steve jobs started Microsoft and Apple in a garage with nothing.
And there are numerous similar stories..
It’s not about the money..
Read what you’ve written..
This will describe what you really want to do in your life..
Your passions..
Now is the time to choose one..
Choose one from your list that speaks out to you..
The one you want the most..
The one you can’t live without..
You know which one it is..
Just close your eyes and listen to your gut.
Yes..that’s the one..
Now is the time..
That is the job you want..
Look for something that touches a piece of that passion
The closer the job is to your passion..the happier and more successful you will be.
I will guarantee it,
It’s not the money..
It’s you..
Take the first step.
Write your list.
Make it happen.
Live your Life.

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