My question for you..
What’s your passion?
What do you want to do with your life?
How do you want to live your life?
How are you going to wake up every day and say
I love what I’m doing!
I love my life!
This is what I was meant to do.
What is your legacy?
What woke me up to this thought?
What woke me up to my passion?
It began when I started really seeing the masses.
And I saw the same thing in myself..
I began to really see the people..
every single day….
We’re riding on the subway…
We’re walking down the street….
We’re waiting in line for a cup of coffee…
We’re funneling down the escalator on our way to work..
We don’t even smile…
It seems like we can’t smile
We are so focused.
We are like zombies in a trance…
Almost seems like we have blinders on
We have one thought in our heads…
Gotta pay the bills.
Gotta go to work..
Gotta pay the bills
Gotta to go to work…
Gotta pay the bills.
Gotta to go to work..
Gotta to go to work…
Gotta to go to work…
Gotta to go to work…
Gotta to go to work…
We’re doing it for the money?
This is capitalist America!
People come from all over the world to come here and make the quick buck.
This is the LAND of opportunity!
But wait!
Do we really think that money will make our life happier?
Do we think that money will make our lives easier?
Well let’s see…shall we?
We need to make more money..
to buy better clothes…
so we can move up in our job…
And buy a nicer car ..
and earn the privilege of higher car payments
and have to work 60 hour weeks…
just to pay those bills..
and spend less time with our families..
so we can make even more money…
so we can buy an even bigger house…
so we can go further into debt…..
and we can become a head manager
and work 120 hours a week…
just to make ends meet..
and this keep going and going and going and GOING!
where does it end?
where does it end
So one day…I stopped.. turned around, put up my hands and yelled.
Turn around!
Go home to your families!
You do not want to be doing this..
You do not want to spend the next 50 years doing this.
Just go home..
Okay..fine. I didn’t do that to everyone..But I did want to…
Instead..I told it to myself.
We actually have it all backwards..
Whoever made up this calendar thing had it all backwards..
We work 5 days of the week, just so we can spend 2 days with our families??
Wouldn’t it make more sense to work 2 days a week and be able to spend 5 days enjoying life with our family
Wouldn’t that make more sense? I think so.
And yes.. I was one of those people.. I used to be that person..
I was that zombie..
Until one day.. I said to myself..
Red—Stop..Stop this nonsense..You do not want to live this life
And that what I’m here to share with you today..
If I have the power to make the change, so do all of you..
Yes, we all have many responsibilities..
I have mine.. children, tuition, alimony payments, rent, food etc,
These are all excuses I make to myself..
So let’s put all our excuses to the side..
Let’s start with a blank sheet.
Do you want a meaningful life?
Are you ready to do what you love to do?
What you were meant to do?
Perhaps you want that wakeup call?
What can you do?
Are you sitting down?
Here’s my tool for you
Write your eulogy.
That’s right!
Write your eulogy.
What would you like people to say about you at your eulogy..
Is it about how early you went to work?
Or how much time you spent with your kids?
Is it about how much overtime you put in?
Or is it how much volunteer work you did for the community?
Is it about the big deal you closed?
Or how you took care of your parents?
Is it about how many cars you owned?
Or how you drove your neighbor to the supermarket when she was too sick to drive herself?
I think you get the drift.
One you write it..look at it..study it..
Your life will look a bit different. You will shift some of your energy.
And it can be global..make it as big as you want it to be..
It starts with baby steps..the little baby steps..
Just little tiny steps..
My steps?
I make the time to look inside myself..to check in with myself.. to work on myself..
to understand myself..
If a train is overcrowded, I wait for the next one..  I’m a person not a sardine..
“Red was a patient man.”
I smile and say good morning.. everyone loves a smile..I’ve got one..might as well share it..
“It was always great to see Red..he always had a smile on his face.”
If someone is running for the elevator..
I don’t pretend to look for the open door button..and give them my “ I can’t help you” face..
You know what I’m talking about…..
I hold it open for them,..
If I don’t have an extra 5 seconds in my life to do a nice thing ..and that’s all it takes to hold the door open..5 seconds..If I can’t take that 5 seconds ..then my life is really pathetic..
“Red always held the elevator door for people. He was so nice” .
I make the time to connect with my friends, my family, my children.
I give them my full attention…not checking my phone or my blackberry.
Here’s a good one..I take the time to shut off my blackberry…believe it or not it has an off switch.
“Red always made time for me.. paid full attention to me. He was a great and caring friend. I knew I could always count on him”
These are some of the baby steps..
The bigger steps?
I have taken the time to discover what I was meant to do in my life.
Why I was put on this earth.
I have discovered what gets my blood pumping..
Helping people to discover what they were meant to do with their life, and inspiring them to do it. Exactly what I’m doing now.
Helping people to live the lives they were meant to live..
We all have the power within ourselves to break the mold, to get out of the rut..to get off the subway..
My offer to you..
If you’re ready to make a change..
If you’re ready to start living your life.
Start with the baby steps..
I shared mine with you..
Feel free to use them..
Or discover your own baby steps..
The quicker you start with the first step.
The quicker you will be on your way to living your full potential.
To living your passion..and the life you were meant to live.

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