How to Deal with Negative Emotions

I’m the type of person who believes that putting another person in a negative light is not healthy for me, or the universe. Even if I’m just venting, I don’t want to say something bad about someone else because then I am pushing my judgments on you.
Certainly, you aren’t required to accept my opinion as the truth, but what I say and think has the ability to influence you either way. And I don’t want to be the one to influence you the wrong way.
So, I spend a lot of time and effort keeping my unfavorable opinions and beliefs to myself. I never really thought much about that fact until one day I was talking to a close friend who shared with me what he thought about feelings and how they affect us. Put simply, feelings are energy.

Feelings Are an Energy

When someone passes away, what do we do? We cry, right? If they were someone who was really close to us, we cry a lot. If we weren’t super tight, we cry just a little. But, either way, we cry – and then we feel better.
Letting the tears flow down our cheeks and the whimpers out of our throat releases the sad energy that is deep within us. It gets it out of our body and into the world around us so that it no longer has a hold on our heart.
The same is true for other seemingly negative emotions like anger or frustration. No words are necessary to let these two feelings out. In fact, simply yelling into the air around you is often enough to remove them from your body and make you feel better almost instantly.

Releasing Your Negative Emotions, or Energy

Admittedly, there is a time and place for this type of response as you don’t want to be on an airplane, bus, or other crowded, confined space when screaming at the top of your lungs or your negative energy may come bouncing back at you by way of police and handcuffs. However, there are other options.
For instance, I live on the 16th floor of an apartment building, so it’s not uncommon to find me opening my window and yelling out of it every now and again. (If you live in my neighborhood, then I apologize for my outbursts.)
I don’t scream names or slurs or any words, really. I just scream. Like Tarzan. Except that I am slightly more dressed than he is.
I encourage you to do this the next time you are dealing with negative emotions. Find a place that is open and let your feelings run down your cheeks or out of your throat without so much as uttering a word, but rather a sound.
You may be surprised at how freeing it is. Once you have let them out of your body, they can no longer punish you and hold you hostage. Their power over you is no more.
Perhaps the best part is that this allows you to deal with situations rationally because you’re acting on your good senses and not your bad emotions. So, there are no ill words to take back or no emails you wish you could unsend. There is simply you and your voice. And a better disposition.

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