Embracing Defining Moments

Each one of us has defining moments in our lives, which are moments when things suddenly make sense. It is like being in a dark room that you’ve never been in before, clumsily moving about in search of something and then having someone turn on the lights so you can quickly and easily see right where it is as well as the best path to get to it.

These ‘a-ha’ moments have the ability to change your perception and your path in life. They can lead you closer to something you’ve been craving and they can also move you further from something that has the ability to do you harm. Either way, they can definitely have a huge impact on you and you’re a better person because of them.

Defining Moments Add Clarity

I have a friend who learned firsthand how a defining moment adds clarity to your life. She was working two full-time jobs after just going through a divorce when she suddenly got notice that the home she had been renting had been sold. She had two weeks to move out and find another place. Needless to say, she was crushed.

Not only didn’t she have a lot of time to box things up and move due to working from sun up to sun down, she also didn’t have a lot of money for a deposit on a new place as her ending relationship had put her tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Her two paychecks were barely enough to cover her basic expenses, not giving her a lot of options. Or so she thought.

Being a private person, she worked hard to hide her dilemma while at work when suddenly, out of nowhere, the tears began to flow. She was normally a person who wasn’t known for showing her emotion, which made her feel even worse. She felt weak and without hope.

Right at that moment, one of her coworkers walked in and asked her what was wrong. In a very abbreviated version of the story, she told him why she had broken down to which he promptly replied, “I’ve got a place for you. You can move in today.”

The relief she experienced was incredible and hard to put into words. Even though she thought she was in a very bad spot the moment before, she realized that everything had to happen the way it did in order to put her in the right place at the right time to get into a house that she could afford. A house that, as it turns out, she loved more than ever.

Embracing Defining Moments

Think about times like this that have happened in your life. Maybe it didn’t make sense while it was happening, or maybe it did, but either way, at some point you experienced that defining moment, that “Ahh…I understand now” way of thinking in which everything suddenly makes complete and total sense.

It is these times that teach us some very important lessons that we can learn from and apply to other areas in our life. For instance, my friend who ended up finding better living conditions than she had before learned to have faith in difficult situations. She reminds herself that even if she can’t see the positive ending, it will present itself soon enough.

What have you learned from your defining moments? Are you embracing what they’ve taught you? Do you use them to make your life easier, more satisfying, or more fulfilling?

I hope so because that is what they are there for. To make you happier. To make you smarter. To make you feel more content. To make you love life. To help you live your YOUlogy.

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