New Year's Resolutions

Step right up!  Single file please.
No cutting in line, no bumping please..
Excuse me?
Yes, I know the line is around the block.
Yes, I know it starts at the tip of Manhattan all the way downtown.
Yes, I know it goes over the bridge into New Jersey.
You’ve made your New Year’s Resolutions and already not keeping up with them?
Yes…this is the correct line.
This is the line for everyone who made New Year’s Resolutions and failed to keep them.
And Yes!!  I know it’s only January 3rd.
No worries, you’re not alone.
Lucky for you, you’re reading this, and I’ve got just the tool you’re looking for.
It’s all spelled out in my book – Live Your YOUlogy but I’ll give you a preview here.
It’s called the Buddy System, and the great thing about it is that it can be implemented anytime: before you make your resolution, while you’re upholding your commitment to your resolution, and even if you’ve fallen off your horse.
What’s a Buddy, you may ask?
Before I tell you who it is, I’ll tell you who it’s not:
It’s not your spouse, your significant other, your partner, your mother or father, or brother or sister.
It’s a good friend.. one who loves you and cares for you. A friend who doesn’t trigger you. When you decide upon this person, ask them if they’ll be your Buddy. Most of the time the answer is yes, but if it’s no, chances are they wouldn’t be a good Buddy anyway.
The next piece is called Accountability. List the tasks you want to accomplish, and don’t set yourself up for failure. Make sure they are achievable goals. Ask your Buddy to hold you accountable to your goals, and realize that you are making a commitment to them. If you break that commitment, you are breaking your bond with them. And the last thing anyone wants to do is let down a good friend.
If you don’t complete the goal, your Buddy can ask you the important questions, like, “What got in your way of achieving your goal?” Perhaps there’s a bit of your unconscious holding you back? Perhaps you don’t really want to achieve this goal? Your Buddy will help you discover the reason you didn’t achieve the goal. And PLEASE, for your own sake, do not say you “tried”. When you say, “But I tried,” that’s just an excuse. Do the tough inner work with your Buddy to figure it out. Get to your core and you will discover the answers, and your Buddy will help you make new goals and assist you in getting back on your horse.
Trust me, this system works. It helped me back on my horse many many times, and now I’m on a thoroughbred, galloping at full speed. So find your Buddy, get on your own thoroughbred, and begin Living Your YOULogy.
Keep me posted on your progress.
In service,

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