What Is Your YOUlogy?

If you’ve read my book or been to one of my seminars, then you know that the basis of my message is that you need to live your YOUlogy in order to achieve great things in life. However, what does that mean in real terms? And, perhaps more importantly, how can it improve your life?

Your YOUlogy Defined

When I talk about living your YOUlogy, I am actually referencing a number of things. Here are a few of the ones I want you to consider as you begin your quest to discover what your YOUlogy is:

  • Your life story. What has happened in your past that has made you who you are today? What turbulent times have shaped you and sculpted you, making you stronger and what events have occurred that have had a positive impact on your life? For example, is it a painful divorce that helped you realize that you deserve true love or did losing your job force you into a career that you love more than ever?
  • Your accomplishments and goals.Think about the accomplishments you’ve achieved in both your personal and professional life. Consider the times when you’ve went above and beyond in pursuit of what is right for you, allowing you to reach goals that you’ve set for yourself. Maybe you ran a 5k for the first time last year and you couldn’t be prouder or perhaps you were able to save enough money to fully fund your IRA, making you more prepared for your retirement.
  • Your dreams and desires. Each of us has a burning in our heart that tells us what we want most out of life. What is your heart telling you? What dreams do you have that are still unfilled and what desires do you need to satisfy in order to feel whole and complete? To help you figure this out, simply follow your passions. These are the things that make you smile when you think about them. The things that make you want to do more and try harder.
  • Knowing how you want to live your life. You will never arrive at your destination if you have no idea where your destination is or what it looks like. This means that you need to have an image in your head to work towards and the clearer it is, the more likely you will arrive at it. To help you figure this out, what does the “perfect” day look like to you? How would your life operate if you had the ability to change it with the snap of your fingers?
  • Knowing why you want to live your life. Your why’s are your reasons for living. They are what will give you the energy to continue to put one foot in front of the other when you want nothing more than to wave the white flag in surrender. What motivates you when you don’t have the energy to go on? What pushes you to go beyond your limitations and do the best that you can despite the chance that you won’t succeed?

These five areas make up your own personal YOUlogy. They are the backbone not only of who you are right now, but also of who you can be in the future.

How Knowing Your YOUlogy Can Improve Your Life

So, why is it important to know your YOUlogy and what does answering the questions asked above do for you in a way that makes your life better?

First and foremost, it helps you recognize that you have many great qualities and strengths that will get you through most anything. It also brings to the forefront the fact that hardships aren’t there to break you; they are there to make you stronger and better than you were before.

Knowing your YOUlogy also forces you to question what you want out of life and why. It makes you responsible for your future and accountable for your actions. It puts the control back in the hands of the one person that can change your life for the better – yourself.

Take the time to know your YOUlogy and will be one step closer to feeling the sweet success you’ve always dreamt of. The success you wholeheartedly deserve. The success that is soon to be yours!

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