'What More Can I Do?'

Sometimes things happen in life that make us evaluate whether we’re being the person we could be, the person we want to be. A certain event or situation makes us start to question our actions (or inactions) and look for other ways to advance our positive qualities such as helping others, giving without expecting anything in return, and so on. This is exactly what happened to me.

A few months ago I learned of the death of a close family member who had lost his battle with cancer. As tragic as it is to see the life of someone snubbed out way too soon, it made me reflect upon him as a person and all that he was able to accomplish in his 53 short years on this earth.

If you were to look up the word “humanitarian” in the dictionary, no doubt his smiling face would be placed next to it. This guy was always doing good deeds for others. If someone had a need, he met it. If someone was lost, he helped them find their way.

There was no feat too big for him as he was more than happy to go above and beyond in an effort to help someone else advance and excel in their life. He was living his YOUlogy…and then some.

This made me turn my attention inward and ask myself, “What more can I do? How can I use my positive qualities to help others succeed in their own life?” I suppose this is partially why I am a motivational speaker, to inspire people to achieve more in their own lives, but what else can I do beyond speaking to help them reach their true potential?

I think this is a question a lot of us ask ourselves at some point as we seek to find our purpose, or our reason for existing. We search for the one thing that we were put on this earth to do and hope that we make a difference when doing it, leaving the world in better shape because of it.

If you’re like I am, you’re probably wondering what more you can do to live your YOUlogy so that you will be remembered for all of the wonderful qualities you possess. While the list is absolutely endless, here are just a few possibilities you may want to consider:

  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or domestic violence shelter
  • Simply smile at someone when you pass them on the street, hoping it will help them have a better day
  • Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line
  • Offer to help someone with a chore without them having to ask
  • Spend a few moments with a child just talking with them
  • Open a door for someone, whether they have their hands full or not
  • Help someone carry groceries to their car
  • Make a meal for an elderly neighbor who lives alone
  • Drive someone to a doctor’s appointment
  • Take a friend’s kids for the afternoon so they can have some “me” time
  • Send your spouse an “I love you” text out of the blue
  • When you ask someone how they are, actually listen to their response

Most of these ideas cost you nothing other than time. So, ask yourself, would you rather be known for the things that you didn’t do or the things that you did do?

In other words, what more can you do to live your YOUlogy to the fullest?

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