Doing for Others Comes Full Circle

Not too long ago, I partnered with a freelance writer by the name of Christina DeBusk to get her help creating various pieces of content that I needed for my speaking business. And if you’ve read my book, Live Your YOUlogy, then you already know why I would hire this type of work out.

I detest writing.

I detest writing like most little kids detest vegetables or the way the older generation detests the newer generation’s music. I simply would almost rather saw my arms off than sit down and write. It really is that bad.

So, I contacted Christina and asked for her help with putting my thoughts and ideas into words. I knew what I wanted to say, I just didn’t want to go through the process of committing my life lessons to black and white. Fortunately, she agreed to work with me and, admittedly, we worked together extremely well.

At the same time I was also working with David Newman, from Do It! Marketing. I had decided that it was time to take my business to the next level, and I wanted help from someone that knew exactly how to do that. David was that guy and what I’ve learned from him is absolutely amazing. There is no doubt that this man knows what he is doing.

Anyway, both Christina and David had become more like friends to me, which is understandable really given the amount of time we spent together working on the various projects. Plus, I felt like both of them had gone above and beyond and, for that, I was grateful.

A few months after our work was complete, David approached me and asked about potentially working with Christina on a project he had. I showed him what she had done for me in the past and he liked it, after which he requested her information and I happily turned it over.

Shortly thereafter, Christina contacted me and told me how she was thankful for the referral and that she would like to offer me free content as a way of saying thanks. My response? No way!

Although I was gracious that she was willing to help me out since I had helped her out, I wouldn’t accept because I simply love connecting people. To make any sort of gain, whether financial or otherwise, by doing this would cheapen the effect for me. I connected them because I wanted to, not because of what I stood to gain from the situation if I did.

To me, this was a win/win/win across the board.

I win because I have introduced two “friends” that I know can give each other what they need, in a business sense of course. Christina wins with more work and the addition of a great new client, and David wins by getting his work done by someone who is good at what she does and ready to take on the task.

Ultimately, when we do for other people, it comes full circle. Oftentimes, the benefit is merely feeling good about our actions because we know that we’ve done the right thing. For me, that is benefit enough!

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