It Takes Teamwork To Make Teams Work

Have you ever had the urge to ask someone to help you, but didn’t do it because you felt that it might diminish you? Maybe you were struggling with something at work and didn’t feel comfortable requesting assistance because your worried that people would look down on you for not doing it yourself. Or perhaps you could have really used a hand with a project at home, but decided it was better to work your way through it then to admit that you were in over your head.
Oftentimes, it is easy to think that we need to do things alone and, honestly, it only makes sense that we would have those thoughts. From the time that we are in grade school, it is reinforced that we are responsible for our own destiny, which means that we rely on no one but ourselves. Sometimes, we are even made to look at team efforts as a cop-out, chastised for not completing a project on our own.

However, I don’t think we were meant to do things alone.

In fact, I believe that true success comes by being willing to share in the duties and tasks that will move us forward. It means asking for help when you need it and admitting when someone else is better suited to handle something that is difficult for you or not one of your strengths.

That is why I use a writer to help me create content and a marketer to help get my name out there. These are two areas that I don’t particularly enjoy, so why not leave them up to the experts? Besides, the best way to run a business is typically to do the things you excel with, and get help with the things you don’t.

Plus, working with others is a great way to learn.

For instance, if I go to a seminar or meeting about speaking, I can always pick up at least one thing that moves me forward. Even if I had heard it before, hearing it yet again reinforces it. It motivates me to pay more attention to the thought or strategy, usually resulting in greater levels of success.
Having a team of people to help with whatever the task may be makes it much easier to get things done and it is a lot faster too. That means more time and energy to devote to other things, pushing you closer to your goals, putting you right where you want to be one day, one month, or one year down the road.
It also gives you a group of people to bounce ideas off of, potentially saving you a lot of aggravation. It reduces the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed because you know that you don’t have to do it alone. You’ve got others right there beside you who have your back and want to see you succeed as much as you want it yourself.
Start thinking about the people in your life that can help you push yourself forward. Consider making them part of your team and find a way to help each other so that you both excel. There is always room for more at the top!

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