Let the Plumbers Plumb

Recently I’ve been working hard to come up with a tagline for my business. Nike has “Just do it,” DeBeers has “A diamond is forever,” and Maxwell House has “Good to the last drop.” So, what type of phrase do I want to use to not only catch my target audience’s attention, but also help them remember me first the next time they want to hire a speaker?

This has been extremely challenging for me and many times I’ve caught myself thinking, “I can’t do this.” Sure, I can be witty and funny, but I am so not a marketer. I’m just not. So, there I sat, wracking my brain to sum up my speaking business and message in just a couple of words. I was stuck.

That’s when I was talking to a friend who said, “Red…isn’t there someone you could hire to come up with your tagline for you?” He knew I was really struggling with this and not making any real progress, so why not find someone who could? Someone who did this for a living and could come up with just the right words to convey me and my business in a meaningful and memorable way?

I shared this idea with another friend who reminded me of a platform I’ve used in the past that allowed me to hire for this type of work. Sure enough, I posted a job and immediately received a number of proposals. I read each one, picked the person that seemed to fit my needs best, and am finally in the process of getting my new tagline…all without giving myself a major headache to get it done.

This situation reminded me that there is a world full of people out there who can do the things that I don’t like to do, the things that stop me from doing what I do best. Not to mention that they are better at it than me so they can typically do it faster and come up with better results. Besides, I don’t have to do everything I need done myself; I just have to know where to go to find someone who can.

I have a saying and it is to “let the plumbers plumb and the painters paint.” Not only does this allow me to stick to the things that I am good at, the things that can progress my business and take it to higher levels, but it also keeps me from getting stuck by the things that slow me down and make me less effective.

Think about your business and whether there’s something that is keeping you stuck. Is there a project that you’re working on that is taking all of your time because you’re working on pieces of it that you’re not good at or don’t enjoy? Maybe there are day-to-day tasks that are slowing you down and keeping you from doing other more effective things that could potentially drive your business to higher levels?

If there’s something that is stopping you from building the business you want, don’t be afraid to look for someone who can help you. By offloading the tasks you find tedious, difficult, or just plain unenjoyable, you’re often doing yourself…and your business…a favor.

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