Knowing Is Growing

I’m constantly striving to make myself better, stronger, and happier, so I see a therapist regularly to go over whatever is on my mind or in my heart. Plus, it’s just nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who will challenge me if my way of thinking is somehow skewed, someone who is able to help me figure out what I want (and subsequently don’t want) in a way that I can best understand.
During one of my recent sessions, we were talking about dreams and whether or not I dream while I’m asleep. And boy do I have them! I have crazy, outrageous, out-of-this-world dreams. Now, let me say that I know this even though I typically can’t remember them once I am awake.
Anyway, most experts believe that your dreams are just your subconscious speaking to you, so we decided that the next time I woke up after having one of my off-the-wall dreams, I would write it down. So, with my phone on the nightstand beside my bed, I went to sleep with the goal of recording whatever I could remember the minute I first woke up. The first night, I was jotting down notes a couple of different times with the hopes of gaining some insight into the things that are on my mind but not necessarily part of my consciousness as I move through my days.
It kind of goes back to the iceberg theory. Although there may be part of you that is fully exposed, there for all the world to see, there is also a large part of you that resides under the surface where no one, possibly not even you, can see it. While some of this is only natural, you really need to know as much about yourself as possible in order to know where it is you want to go and also how to go about getting there in a manner that makes the most sense for you.
For example, if you are working hard to grow your business, but deep down you fear that you’re failing at marketing your concepts, ideas, products, and services, then this fear could subconsciously be stopping you from reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself. Maybe you start to self-sabotage to make your fear a reality, or perhaps you just feel stuck and aren’t quite sure why it is you can’t make progress. Either way, it’s not good.
By exploring who you are then, not just who the world sees or who you want the world to see, you’re also able to uncover more of your strengths. This allows you to know exactly what tools are in your toolbox as you work to create the life you want for yourself. You’ll also expose some of your weaknesses, helping you to realize the areas that you need to work on in order to get wherever it is you want to be both personally and professionally.
Take the time to pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you and let it guide you wherever it is you need to go. When you hear it saying something, stop, listen and strive to decode what it means. Let it give you insight to who you are so that you can use that information in a way that pushes you forward versus holding you back.
And, if you’re up to it, do what I’m doing and record your dreams to figure out what they mean. Who knows? You may just learn something about yourself that can change your life not only for the good, but forever…

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