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If you walk into my office, you will see motivational and inspirational messages on my wall that literally take me from 30 to 60 mph. They drive me to be my best, do my best, and achieve my best. They push me to go outside of my comfort zone and reach new levels, meet new goals.

Since I am a speaker, an entrepreneur or “solopreneur” if you will, this often involves marketing myself and my services. After all, I could be the absolute best in my industry, but if no one knows about me, it doesn’t really do me any good.

One way that I’ve worked to get my name out is to send postcards to potential clients telling them about me and what I have to offer. You’ve probably received these at one time or another. They’re mixed in with your mail as a card or a pamphlet that shared a business and its good and services, sent with the intent of enticing you to ( delete “want to”) do business with them and only them.

And if you’ve taken the time to read these mailers, then you’ve likely noticed that they typically take one of two approaches. Either their content will tell you what they do OR it will tell you what they can do for you. What’s the difference?

To use an example, if I was a plumber, you might get a mailing from me that shares how I’ve been in business for 20 years, have been voted plumber of the year in the local area, and have unclogged more drains than all of the other area plumbers combined. This essentially tells you that I have experience and know what I am doing. While that’s great and all because it tells you what I can do, it doesn’t really help you, which is largely why you’ll probably chuck it in the trash right when you walk in the door.

On the other hand, what if the mailing had printed on it four ways to easily unclog a sink or how to tell when your pipes need to be replaced? In that case, you might not need these types of services right now, but you’re more likely to at least keep the mailing for future reference if you need it. This is a win for the business because they’ve caught your attention and a win for you because you now have the information you need when it comes to dealing with some basic plumbing issues.

This is why I’ve decided that my next postcard won’t be about me, but about my potential clients instead, sharing how they can become more inspired and motivated, and therefore more successful. It will involve taking this new question—“What can I do for you?”—and actually asking it in a way that expresses my genuine interest as well as my intent to find ways to make their life better, easier, happier, or whatever is most important to them.

When your goal is to help others along their journey in some way, shape, or form, that is when you know you’re successful. And it is the sharing in this success in a way that benefits you most that makes life truly worth living.

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