Surfing Your Wave to Success

Like any entrepreneur, I sometimes find myself in business-related situations that haven’t quite worked out as I had planned. This can create uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and fear as I wonder what lies ahead. I become scared not only about the state of my current situation, but I also wonder whether my career will be stable and successful in the future.

In these circumstances, our responses often fall into one of two categories: fight or flight. Either we stay and fight against whatever is happening in the hopes that we can turn it around, or we flee, trying to get as far away from the problem as possible. Since I’m not a fighter, I go directly into flight mode, looking for the quickest and easiest escape route in an attempt to avoid the problem and find some level of peace.

Since I realize that this is how I operate, that I’d much rather evade than put up my fists, I work hard to ride this wave in a way that works for me instead of against me. It’s the awareness that this is how I’m made, and understanding how to navigate it, that push me forward instead of holding me back. It’s understanding how I work and discovering the best ways to manage it so I can achieve success in a way that makes the most sense for me.

For instance, if you know that you struggle with getting to important business meetings on time, instead of constantly fighting the clock and still showing up late, why not find ways to make the clock your friend?

One option may be to set your watch five or ten minutes fast so, even though it appears that you’re late, you’re actually early. You could also schedule appointments for longer than you think you’ll need so you’re not constantly rushing from one to the next, making your later meetings wait if your earlier ones run over.

By looking at where you struggle, you can create a plan or come up with ways to handle these types of issues when they arise. This enables you to create a more proactive approach, potentially warding off any problems before they even present themselves. It sets you up for success because you’re taking what challenges you and forming ways to surpass what would otherwise hold you back. Now you are well positioned to thrive and succeed.

To do this for yourself, write down one thing that you would like to change about yourself, one thing that you think is currently standing in your way of achieving higher levels of success. Be honest too. The more you’re willing to admit where your weaknesses are, the better position you’ll be in to address them in a way that benefits you the most.

Once you have this “thing” articulated on paper, come up with three to seven ways you could handle your life in a way that would reduce it’s impact. Brainstorm all possible solutions, no matter how silly they may initially sound, eventually giving yourself as many different options as possible to consider when it comes to easing this concern, if not eliminating it completely.

Next, decide on the one solution that seems to make the most sense to you and commit to doing it the next time the issue arises. See how it works. It likely won’t change your life dramatically after doing it just once, but keep at it and you’ll start to make forward motion.

And if you find that it doesn’t work or isn’t the right solution for you, then go to one of the other ideas on your list. Keep working on it and in time you will master riding your own personal wave right to your own personal success.

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