Always be Giving

I’m constantly looking for more ways to grow my speaking business by getting in front of corporate decision-makers and compelling them to hire me to give a talk or workshop to their teams. So lately I’ve been networking with other speakers. This gives me a chance to learn from both their mistakes and their successes, but it also allows me to collaborate with others in my field, hopefully helping us all grow as we work to conquer this profession we’ve come to love.

One day I met one of these speakers for lunch. As he was sharing his journey with me, I fell into my coaching mode. Even though I was the one looking for assistance, I ended up assisting him. Listening to him and offering him some valuable insight and feedback. It had such an impact on him that he actually mentioned it to me after lunch saying,” I was supposed to help you and you turned out helping me”.

Shortly thereafter he sent me an email thanking me and stating that he posted our meeting on his social media sites. He basically plugged me on his sites. He gave me a wonderful testimonial.  That’s when it struck me that it isn’t about giving and getting because I give solely to give. I LOVED helping him. And I always seem to get way more than I ever give. Like tenfold.

And I’m not talking about money or fame or anything else that is usually associated with being materially rich, or rich on paper. I’m talking about being rich on the inside. It’s about making a difference in someone else’s life not because they can make a difference in yours, but because you truly care enough to help them achieve the highest level they possibly can.

This means that, instead of asking, “What’s in it for me?” the better question is “What’s in it for you?” What can I do to make your life better, happier, healthier, or more successful? What actions can I take to help you turn your dreams into reality…to help you turn your life into an exact replica of what you’ve wanted it to be for as long back as you can remember?

Admittedly, we’re all responsible for walking our own paths, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t offer some help to others along the way. If someone stumbles, we can always give them a hand up. If someone gets a little off track, we can do our best to help them find their way.

A little kindness goes a very long way. And if you pay attention, you’ll often find that it circles right back to you in some shape or form…usually giving you way more than you ever gave in the first place.

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