Accountability Buddies Rock!

If you’ve read Live Your YOUlogy, then you already know that I highly recommend having an accountability buddy. This is someone that you check in with regularly, ensuring that you’re taking action toward meeting your goals. Someone that you tell what you intend to do, increasing both your internal motivation to stay true to taking the steps you’ve said you’d take, and adding to your external motivation because you know that you’re going to be questioned on it later.

I have an accountability buddy that I check in with myself. Every Friday, I get with him and share what my goals are, what I’ve done the past seven days to reach them, and what I intend to do in the week (or weeks) ahead to keep progressing forward. He does the same with me and we continue to help each other get to the next level, to excel and reach all of the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Well, a few Fridays back, I wasn’t feeling it. It was one of those days when I just felt kind of down, “stuck” if you will. I shared this with him and, after chatting about what was going on for a bit, he said something to me that completely switched my mood. He said that the actions I was taking showed that I was being responsible. I was actually doing a good thing, not a bad thing like it had been feeling.

Instantly I noticed a change in how I was feeling. The black cloud that had been perched over me for days before finally began to float away. His little bit of insight caused me to look at my situation with not only more clarity, but also more hope. I could see that, while I wasn’t yet where I wanted to be, I was taking the appropriate actions, actions that will eventually pay off.

This is just one more reason to have an accountability buddy. If we keep our thoughts, our feelings about where we’re at in regard to our goals, in our own head, it can easily spiral into a circle of negativity, doubt, and self-judgment. It’s like a tornado that tears everything up in its path, spinning completely out of control and causing a lot of damage along the way.

On the other hand, if we share these thoughts with someone else, they can often see things that we can’t because we’re so enmeshed in our own lives, our own outcomes. They can then reflect what they see back to us, potentially opening our eyes and helping us to realize that perhaps where we are right now isn’t so bad. Better yet, it may actually be good!

I cannot stress enough how valuable an accountability buddy is and I strongly suggest that, if you don’t have one already, you get one. Find someone to not only help you follow through on what you say, but someone who can also potentially shift the thought pattern of your entire day. Someone who can help you realize that your positive actions will pay off and that sometimes feeling “stuck” is exactly what it takes to get you wherever it is you want to be.

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