If the Hat Fits

How many hats do you wear on any given day? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably too many to count.

For example, if you have a family, then you wear the hats of rule enforcer, bill payer, maid, chef, taxi driver, and counselor. And if you own your own business, you also likely wear the hats of accountant, marketer, web designer, content writer, and all of the other hats that go along with being an entrepreneur.

The problem is, sometimes we put on too many hats, thinking we have to wear them all at once. But we don’t because sometimes the best move is to give a few of your hats away…to people that the hat better fits.

I was in this same boat myself recently as I’ve been doing quite a few workshops, which also means that I’ve had to create the invitations to attend, send the invitations out, put the information on social media, and take all of the other actions necessary to make sure people know about the events and hopefully want to attend.

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the process, which is when I noticed that a friend of mine who runs a non-profit firm was very successful in this area. I began to wonder why I was struggling so much at doing this one thing while my friend was making it look super easy. What was I doing wrong?

That’s when my friend let me in on the secret by sharing, “I don’t do it by myself. I have people that help me.” So, while I was looking at the situation and thinking it was just him doing everything, he actually had an entire team!

So often we feel like we have to do everything ourselves, wear all of the hats, in order to get wherever it is we want to go. But we don’t. In fact, all of the huge players—the Google’s, the IBM’s, and the Facebook’s—in this world do amazing things not because of just one person, but because of hundreds or thousands of people. Their success lies on the actions of the entire team.

Granted, most of us don’t have the same type of resources that these big companies have, but that’s okay because you don’t need them. Yes, some things you may have to pay for, like a gardener to take care of your lawn or a marketer to help you get the word out about a new product or service, but some things can be bartered.

For instance, if you’re a parent and would like some time alone, why not exchange babysitting with some other parents, giving you each some much needed me-time without having to pay a sitter in exchange? And if you’re good at designing websites but not so great at content, maybe you could make a trade with someone who needs a site but is good with putting words together. Be creative and see what you come up with.

Yes, there are some hats that fit only your head, but there are others that you can give away and still get where you want to go. In fact, you may just get there faster and more efficiently when you aren’t so overloaded by the weight on your head. How’s that for relief?

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