Take Care of your Inner Self

As a speaker, one of my main goals is to help others gain a clearer image of who they are, of their passions. It is to help them take what isn’t working in their lives and change it so they become happier, more fulfilled, and achieve their dreams.

But one thing I’ve noticed after working with hundreds of people is that we often treat our inner selves much different than our outer selves. What do I mean?

If you have an eye infection, what do you do? You go to the doctor, right? You don’t try to take care of it yourself or ask a friend for a diagnosis and treatment. Instead, you go to someone who specializes in that particular ailment and rely on their education and experience to help you get rid of the infection and become healthy again.

The same is true if you cut yourself and need stiches. You take yourself to the emergency room where the doctor on call cleans the wound and sews it back up, enabling your body to start the healing process. You don’t do it yourself. Even a doctor doesn’t do it him or herself. They also go to a professional!

So, why is it that, when it comes to something that isn’t working in our lives, when we’re facing some type of internal struggle, do we feel it necessary to resolve it alone? Or why do we go to a friend, someone that maybe doesn’t have experience with our issue or hasn’t exactly handled things appropriately themselves, and expect them to have answers?

Sometimes we need the education and experience of someone who is qualified to not only give us advice, but give us good advice as to how to move forward in our lives. Going to someone like this doesn’t mean that we’re weak. In fact, it’s just the opposite.  We’re powerful in taking care of ourselves. And it means that we are ready to heal our wounds (even our internal ones), to take whatever isn’t working and fix it, and we need the assistance of someone who knows what works best.

Sure, we can stitch up our own wounds, but what if the underlying cut becomes infected because we didn’t treat it properly? Or what if we don’t place the stitches as they should be placed, resulting in a huge scar…a scar that could’ve easily been prevented had we sought the help of a professional?

When we face struggles in our lives, finding a coach, therapist, support group, or any other form of assistance can often help us overcome our obstacles more quickly and more effectively than tackling them alone. It gives us the opportunity to get someone else’s opinion, to hear alternatives and options, to make ourselves better by using methods that have been found to work over and over and over again.

So the next time you feel like something isn’t working on the inside, imagine it as a cut and that it’s bleeding. Who can you go to in order to help it heal? Who is most qualified to lead you in your path of recovery?

Treat your inner self like you do your outer self and you’ll notice a huge difference. Maybe not overnight, but definitely in the long run. Your inner self deserves that, don’t you think?

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