Passion Power

If you’ve ever heard me speak, then you know that my ultimate goal is to help people find (and live) in accordance with their passions. It’s to get them to dig deep down to discover, and in some cases rediscover, what it is that makes them tick. What puts a smile on their face and gives them a reason to jump out of bed each and every day.

However, in talking to people about living their passion, I notice that some of them think that this means that they have to completely overhaul their life to do it. They believe that they have to toss out their current career entirely in order to eventually create a life they love.

Of course, this creates an overwhelming feeling of fear, usually enough to stop people from pursuing their passions at all. They worry about how such a big leap can negatively affect their lives as they envision dwindling bank accounts, increased fights with spouses over what little money is left, and their children hunkered hungrily around a table containing nothing but empty plates.

Thankfully, this isn’t what pursuing your passion is about as there’s no need to either be all-in or all-out. Instead, by looking at it more along the lines of something you’ll do part-time, devoting just a few moments a day toward whatever it is you love, you’ll relieve yourself of this type of angst while enjoying some stability along the way.

It’s similar to when you’re at the beach on a hot day, yet the water is extremely cold. If you’re told that the only way you can enter the water is to jump right in, you may not do it. The mere thought of those first few moments of uncomfortableness can be enough to keep you from entering completely and, before you know it, you’ve spent the entire day at the beach, sweating like mad, yet never even enjoying the relief that the cool water could bring.

On the other hand, if you were told that you could enter the water slowly, first dipping your toes in, then walking a little further until your ankles are covered, then your knees, working your way up your body, you’ll be more likely to go in. You know that this will give your body the ability to acclimate to the cooler temperatures slowly and, this time, before you know it, you’re swimming around and enjoying yourself as you get a reprieve from the warm summer sun.

This is precisely the same type of approach that can take when pursuing a passion, turning it into something that is exciting and refreshing as opposed to filling you with fear or angst. By dipping your toes in slowly and committing just a few moments a day toward whatever it is you love, then increasing the time slowly, you’re able to transition into a career you love without having to jump right in and risk shocking your system to the point where you run out and choose to never return again.

In the end, living a life of passion is not an all-or-nothing thing. It is something that you can do comfortably over time, which helps you avoid making bad decisions or silly moves because you feel desperate or compelled to do it all at once.

Remember this: Part-time passion is better than full-time non-passion. Wouldn’t you agree?

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