Reframing Your Perspective

Not too long ago, I was talking to my accountability buddy (something I focus on extensively about in my book, Live Your YOUlogy), and we were discussing the fact that he wasn’t accomplishing what he wanted to. He was repeatedly setting goals, yet not achieving them and he couldn’t figure out why.

He kept repeating that he hated what he was doing.  Like many people, he was engaged in a Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 job, and even though he was using it as a means to get to his passion, he didn’t feel like he was taking the steps necessary to make the transition completely. He was becoming unmotivated and un-energized, which meant that he wasn’t doing everything he’d set out to do.

In an attempt to help him begin to make progress again, I asked one simple question to hopefully reframe his perspective. I said, “What benefits does the 9-to-5 job bring?”

My goal was to get my accountability buddy to look at his current job in a more positive light. I wanted him to view his days spent at work as a necessary step in the right direction (as positives) versus time wasted because he wasn’t doing something he loved (thus, making them negative).

After chatting for a bit, we created a list. The benefits of continuing to work at his present job (even though he really wanted to do something else) included: being able to support his family financially during the transition; having the ability to take vacations when he needed a rest without taking unpaid time off; and a number of other perks that come with getting a steady paycheck. So even though he wasn’t exactly where he wanted to be at the moment, his job enabled him to take steps forward, which meant that work was a positive in his life, not a negative like it had grown to become.

By reframing his perspective and focusing on the advantages his 9-to-5 offered, it was like a fire was lit inside of him, renewing his passion and vigor to a level that he hasn’t enjoyed in quite some time. He now has more energy and vitality, giving him the drive he needs to continue to pursue the career he knows will offer more satisfaction in his life.

If you feel this same way, tired of doing the job you have right now while wishing you could jump into a career you love full-time, leaving you unmotivated (and unsuccessful) as a result, consider the benefits your current job brings. Is it helping you pay your bills? Is it keeping your electricity and heat on? Is it enabling you to put food on the table?

By focusing on the advantages of your situation as opposed to the disadvantages, you’ll lighten your mental load and make it easier to see that the actions you’re taking right now are actually helping you instead of hurting you. They’re pushing you forward in a way that makes transitioning into a career you love possible, which makes them a positive part of your life.

Sometimes you just need a little reframing to get you excited again. That makes this one case where a little goes a long way…because it will help you get where you want to be in the end!

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