Politely Persistent

Read most any book or article on what it takes to become a success, and you’ll likely see that being persistent is mentioned at least a time or two. This is because being able to persevere is a critical component of achieving your goals and turning your dreams into reality. To achieve higher and higher levels of success at anything requires constantly pushing yourself forward…even on days when you’d love nothing more than to stay in bed, covers over your head, escaping from the rest of the world.

I’ve come to learn this personally in my speaking business, that a little “polite persistence” (also commonly referred to simply as follow-up) is absolutely invaluable when it comes to getting more and more clients scheduled on my calendar. What is polite persistence?

Polite persistence involves reaching out to a potential client as often as necessary, in a polite, yet persistent manner, until I hear something back. The way I see it, if I continue to attempt to make contact, at some point, I will get a response.

Certainly, in some cases, my response has been a straight-up no, and that’s fine. If I’m not a good fit for them, then that also means that they aren’t a good fit for me. Thus, not working together is ultimately a good thing.

However, more often than not, the person I’m contacting gets back with me and either connects me to someone else who could use my speaking services or simply says yes. And they did it solely because I continued to contact them in a way that said, “I’m super excited and interested in helping you out…so much so that I’ll work toward this goal time and time again!”

Sometimes it takes as many as eight touches in order to get a positive response. Again, I make each one polite, courteous, and respectful of their time. My goal is to turn them on, not turn them off.

Of course, this requires creating some type of follow-up system so that no potential client falls through the cracks. It requires keeping track of who you’ve contacted and when, setting reminders to keep reaching out until you finally hear a response.

This means having the same dedication that you’d have about going to the gym if your goal was to lose weight. You can’t go just once and expect this dramatic transformation. No, you have to go repeatedly, on a regular basis, in order to eventually see positive results.

Well, the same is true when it comes to marketing yourself. Whether you’re working towards building your real estate business, building a stronger financial-services company, or just want to advance yourself professionally in whatever field you’re in, you can’t reach out to your target market once and then sit back hoping that they’ll call and hire you because they likely won’t.

Instead,  the most successful approach is  to reach out again and again (and again if necessary), showing the person you’re contacting that you’re the type of professional who is willing to make them a priority—even if it would be easier to just walk away. Put simply: Your polite persistence will help your business grow.

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