Treat Your Clients Like Thyself

Recently I took a trip to Mexico where I stayed at the Royal Playa del Carmen. Now, this was a nice hotel, but, in fairness, a lot of hotels are nice, so that’s not why I would go back to this particular one again. It was completely and totally the way they treated me, their client and guest.
To say that the customer service was unbelievable is an understatement. From the second we arrived, where a man standing out front opened our car door, to the way they talked to us when we checked in to every time they delivered room service, there was always someone there to greet us with a smile. They treated us like we were royalty, like we were their most important guests.
And it wasn’t just us that they offered this type red carpet treatment. It was all of the other guests too. It didn’t matter if they were male or female, singles or couples, old or young, everyone that was staying at this hotel was made to feel extremely important. They simply couldn’t do enough to provide the best stay possible, extending niceties at every turn.
Was it the best hotel on planet? No. But the relationship they created between their employees and guests was undeniable. They were always asking, “Can I help you? What can I get for you? Do you have enough towels?” So why am I sharing this?  
You simply cannot do enough advertising to accomplish what the Royal Playa del Carmen did by treating us the way we wanted to be treated. As a result of their stellar service, we will refer everyone we know to this hotel. Going to Mexico? You simply MUST stay at the Royal Playa! It’s absolutely the best!
When you treat your clients like they’re #1, word gets around. And this word is often stronger and more persuasive than any type of marketing you can ever do on your own.
Consider for a moment how your customers or clients feel after doing business with you. Do they feel as if they’re the most important customer you have? Do they feel as if you’ve met their every need…including the ones they didn’t even know they had?
It’s this type of customer service that will make praising you effortless. Whether they’re talking to someone who could use whatever goods or services you provide or even posting their comments online on one of the many review sites, the more you create that “wow” experience, the easier it is for them to tell everyone they know—and maybe even people they don’t know—all about it.
What are some things you can do to leave them so excited and satisfied that they can’t help but share you and your business with others? One simple option is to provide service with a smile. Let them know that you’re happy to help them. Maybe you could also offer small niceties without a charge, a small action that may cost you a couple bucks but tells them that they’re worth that…and so much more.
The better your clients feel after interacting with you, the more likely it is they’ll share how well you treated them with others. This is often better than any type of advertising you can do. Which makes it well worth the time, money, and effort.

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