Let It Go

Being Jewish, I go to synagogue regularly. And when I go on the High Holy days, I’m very serious about my prayer. This means that on the secular New Year — I spend a lot of time thinking about the things I’ve not done right or maybe could’ve handled better, and figuring out how to correct them so I can make the next year the best that it can be.

This isn’t always easy because, during this time, I often wonder if I’m ever going to change, if I’m ever going to quit making the mistakes I seen to make time and time again. Maybe I’m too set in my ways, I think to myself. Maybe I’m not strong enough. Maybe I’m just destined to live the life I’m living. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

That’s when it hit me that this way of thinking wasn’t doing anything for me other than making me turn in circles. I finally said to myself, “Red, life is so short. Let it go.”

In essence, I have two options. I can continue to carry around my baggage, all of the things that I feel I’ve done wrong, and expend a lot of energy without ever getting anywhere or I can choose to set that luggage down, freeing myself up to do all of the things that can propel me wherever it is I want to go. I choose the latter.

By making this one little decision, not only does it free up my energy, but it also makes my life more positive. I’m no longer spending my time thinking about all the ways I may have let myself or others down and, instead, I’m focusing on what I can do to make my life the best that it can be. I’m looking ahead with renewed hope and optimism as opposed to constantly fretting about what I see in my rear-view mirror.

Be honest. How much time do you spend beating yourself up for behaviors or actions that aren’t exactly helping you put your best foot forward? How many times a day, week, or month do you belittle yourself or knock yourself down because you aren’t doing the things you know will have a positive impact on your life?

If your answer is a high number, you’re essentially working against yourself. You’re draining your own battery.

Think of it like this: Each of us starts the morning at 100% energy and it’s up to us how we use it. We can either start lowering that percentage by rethinking our past or we can use that precious energy to help us build a better future. The choice is ours.

So now the question is…how are you going to use your energy? Are you going to use it to rehash the past, something you can’t change, or are you going to use it to create an amazing, life-fulfilling future?

Sometimes this is tough to do but, when you feel stuck in your past, simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tell yourself to “Let it go.” Yesterday is done. All you have is now, so think about what actions you can take in the next hour or day that will be a good use of your energy. Then do them.

The great thing about this is, by taking positive steps in the right direction, you will notice that your battery recharges quicker and more effectively. This gives you even more than enough energy to create a life that satisfies you to the core. A life that is everything you want it to be. All because you were strong enough to “Let it go.”

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