Forward Progress

When I first started speaking, my only goal was to help others. I wanted to help people connect with their passions, to hone in on what makes their soul sing, so they could live a life that fulfilled them to the core. A life they were excited to live.

Because I wanted to do this full-time, I decided it was best to turn my passion for speaking into an actual business. And, of course, any business in this day and age needs a website. So, I reached out and found someone to build one. While I had extremely high hopes, I have to admit, it was bad. Very bad.

Discouraged but not destroyed, I searched for another contractor and asked that a new website be created. This one was definitely better than the last, but not quite where I wanted it to be. Back to the drawing board I went, found another contractor yet who built me another website and, happily, it’s the same website I still have today.

My point in sharing this story is that, had I given up after the first website, I wouldn’t have been able to move forward with my business. Mentally, every time I looked at it, I would’ve felt as bad as it looked. Certainly, that would diminish my confidence and ability to be the effective speaker I wanted to be.

That’s not to mention what it would have done to ability to grow my business. Send a potential client to a bad website and good luck getting a return phone call, let alone the gig. No, I needed to keep pushing forward, not stopping until I got the site I wanted, the site that I felt reflected me as a speaker.

I’ve done the same thing with others I’ve contracted with for various business-related needs. Case in point: I think I’ve been through three marketers. Again, even though the first two didn’t quite work out as I had planned, getting it right was extremely important to me. So, I kept looking until I found one who I felt was getting me the results I wanted.

There are times as entrepreneurs that it would be easy to let yourself be defeated, deciding that the work isn’t worth the result. However, to do so means that you’re giving up on your dreams. And, as is often said, the only difference between being a success and a failure is that someone who is a success never walked away from what they wanted most. They stayed in the fight as long as necessary to achieve what they wanted to achieve.

Really, you have to look at it as if you’re driving from point A to point B. You may be faced with a detour or two along the way, or the road may be curvier than you’d anticipated, but as long as you continue driving, you’ll eventually get where you want to go. That’s how being a successful entrepreneur works too.

Just keep navigating around the road blocks and potholes and you’ll arrive at your destination. It may not be by the same path you had planned out, but plans often change. As long as you keep moving forward, you’ll be okay. You’ll be more than okay. You will eventually achieve your goal.

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