Cellphone Seduction

When I say the word “seduction,” what images come to mind? A room dimly lit by candlelight and a bottle of wine chilling on ice, waiting to be consumed by you and the one you love? Or maybe it’s a scene that’s more appealing to your desire to relax and unwind, stirring images of you sitting in a warm bath with a good book and soft music playing in the background, erasing your worries of the day as you get lost in other lands. Well, here’s another image of seduction for you to consider: a cellphone.
Before you shake your head no and start to come up with all of the reasons a cellphone has nothing to do with seduction, hear me out. To be seduced is to be tempted or attracted. It involves having something (or someone) in front of you that you simply cannot resist. So, if you look at most of us today and how we are with our cellphones, wouldn’t you say that both of these apply?
We, as a society, are attached to our cellphone. It rings and we wonder immediately who’s calling, so we look at the screen in the hopes that it’s someone we really want to speak to on the end of the line. Or a notification goes off and now we’re dying to know who’s Facebooking, sending us a message, or a text. So what do we do? We instantly pull out the phone, becoming so engrossed in what we’re seeing that the rest of the world fades away. We have been seduced.
While seduction is normally a positive thing, in this case, it can actually do more harm than good. For instance, if you and I were together and I look at phone, for whatever reason, what I’m essentially saying to you is that whoever is on the other line is potentially more important than you. They come first, which automatically makes you second pick.
Worse yet, cellphone seduction is contagious. If I’m with someone and they take theirs out, I will take mine out too. It’s an uncontrollable response, as if a virus made me do it. Even if I wasn’t planning on it. I don’t summon the power to help myself.
That’s why, when I’m with someone, I don’t even want my phone on my body. I don’t want to be tempted by it, seduced by it. I keep it in my coat pocket or in my bag. I put it on vibrate so if someone does attempt to contact me, I don’t hear it and let it distract me from the person I’m with. I want my family member, friend, or client to understand that I’m focused on them and the rest of the world can wait.
If the thought of putting your own phone away makes you nervous, just remember that most of the time no one needs us immediately. Yes, there are emergency situations that do occur but, by and large, those are few and far between.
So, put your phone away and you’ll be amazed at how much more involved you are with your life, how much more you’re satisfied with it you will be because you’re fully engaged. Your relationships will benefit as well.
Stop the seduction and regain control of your life. You’ll be happy you did. Don’t forget to text me the results 😉

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