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I live in New York City, so I ride Citi Bikes all of the time. If you’re not familiar, they’re bicycles that you can pick up at various stations around the city and ride them to your desired destination. It’s a great way to get around, and is my primary mode of transportation around the city’s streets.
Traditionally, whenever I’d ride a Citi Bike, I didn’t worry about the fact that I didn’t have a helmet with me. I was a safe rider because I always stayed in the designated bike lanes.
Of course, I knew it was kind of stupid (actually very stupid) to ride without anything protecting my head, but part of me constantly fought against it. That is, until one day when I was out on a bike, and I bumped into my son.
The very first words out of his mouth were, are you kidding…. “Where’s your helmet?” With his words, something shifted inside of me and, within a few hours, I was on Amazon ordering a helmet, which I now never ride without.
Even though I knew that I wasn’t being smart, I just wasn’t being proactive. I couldn’t bring myself to even consider buying a helmet until my son questioned my decision to ride without one. Honestly, now that I have it, I feel much safer because I know my head is protected should something happen.
Maybe you’ve had a similar experience, one where you knew you weren’t making the best decision for yourself, but you couldn’t bring yourself to make the leap and change course.
One area where this happens a lot is with our health. We tell ourselves we should eat healthy foods and get in regular exercise, but we don’t make it a priority until we’re diagnosed with high cholesterol, diabetes, or some other health condition. It is then and only then that we do the things we know are good for us to do.
If there’s something in your life that you know could potentially cause you harm, take a few minutes and think about who or what could possibly help you make better decisions around it.
Maybe, like me, it’s your kids who have the ability to motivate you to do what you feel is right to do. Or perhaps it’s a spouse or a parent that can create that drive. Sometimes our reason for change is simply getting tired of the way things are going and wanting something more.
It’s amazing how freeing it is, how much more energy you have when you decide to give up the excuses and just do what you know is right. It changes your perspective too, because now I look at other Citi Bike riders without helmets and wonder why I ever resisted wearing one. So take that leap…wearing a helmet of course.

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