The Show Must Go On

Recently I was hired to give a leadership workshop. Though I was super excited to inspire the attendees to be their absolute best, there was one small issue. I came down with a terrible cold just days before I was set to speak.
Have you ever had this happen? Something really big is coming up, maybe a meeting with a potential client that you’ve been dying to land or you have an interview with a new company that can take your future where you want to go, and then you get sick just prior to the big day?
When this happened to me, I thought, Oh my God, really? I have to get a bad cold…noooowwwww?
I have to admit, that workshop was the last place I wanted to go. What I really wanted more than anything was to take some cold meds, crawl back into bed, and not wake up until my illness had passed. But I went anyway. And a surprising thing happened when I did.
As I started my workshop, telling my story and sharing the tools I’ve learned in my own journey, the adrenalin kicked in. I. Was. On. Fire. The reaction from the audience? It was dynamite.
Afterward, I went home and absolutely crashed. But I also crashed with a smile on my face because I had pushed through my obstacles. I showed up to serve others. No matter what.
Pro athletes do this all of the time, don’t they? In fact, how many times have you seen a football player get pummeled on the field, sometimes even sustaining an injury, only to get back up and, in the very next play, stop the other team from progressing toward the uprights?
They know that rising to the occasion is necessary and non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter if they don’t feel good, if they don’t have a lot of energy that day, or if something else is going on in their life. Every time they set foot on the field, in the court, or in the ring, they give it all they’ve got. And then some. Their careers depend on it.
It’s kind of like show business, where if something goes awry they say “the show must go on.” When things don’t go as planned in life, the show must go on there as well, because the world doesn’t stop just because you don’t feel like operating at 100 percent.
In your career, this involves honoring your commitments, even if you have an excuse to skip out. It’s about pushing past the excuses you normally give yourself—and doing what needs to be done.
Granted, it isn’t always easy to rise to the occasion. Yet, when you do, you might have something amazing happen to you as well. Maybe your adrenaline will kick in and You. Will. Rock. It.
There’s only one way to find out.

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