The Value of Value

Not too long ago, I was offered a speaking gig with Gateway SHRM, the Jersey City-based affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. With about 20 expected attendees, this wasn’t going to be a huge event by any means, but since my goal is more about spreading my message than having massive audiences I decided that it was worth my time. I agreed to do it.
The day of the event, I took train there, delivered my speech, sold some books, and moved on. All in all, I felt like it went pretty well.
Shortly thereafter, I received an email from one of the women who had attended. In it, she stated that she was interested in learning more about how my leadership workshop could potentially benefit her company, so we set up call. That conversation ultimately led to another gig, where I was hired to give a 2-hour workshop for her agency’s top leaders.
After holding that workshop, I received a really nice thank you note from the CEO. He asked if I was interested in offering quarterly workshops at their company. Other opportunities and doors opened as well.
This experience reminded me that we never know where our message is going to land. Whether we’re talking to one person or a whole room full, all it takes is that one person who appreciates what we have to say enough to want to know more.
When you first put your message out there, share your passion for whatever it is you’re saying. When that message has value, people will recognize it. They’ll see the worth in what you’re saying or what you’re teaching, and the more palpable it is, the more they’ll want to work with you.
In business, this may mean accepting a smaller project, even if it isn’t going to net you the amount of profit that you targeted. Maybe in doing so, you’ll connect with someone who has bigger and more lucrative projects for you in the future. Or perhaps you’ll impress that one client so much that they’ll refer all of their colleagues to you, helping you grow your business in a different way.
The reality is, all it takes is one connection with the right person to take your business to the next level. That person may be the only person in the room, or it could be someone within a crowd of thousands. You just never know.
The key is creating the type of message that nets you these opportunities. It is having something to say that resonates with your audience to the point where they are nodding their head yes while simultaneously thinking of all of the ways you can make their lives better, happier, or healthier.
What message do you have to offer that can create this kind of effect? What knowledge or wisdom can you share that will make others want to work with you?
Once you figure this out, you’ll have a message of value. And the value of value is limitless.

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