It’s An Energy Thing

Not too long ago, I was having an issue with an associate I was working with. Let’s call him Steve. To me, it was a big issue because I didn’t feel like Steve was negotiating in good faith. This left me dreading any time I had to deal with him during the course of the business day.
At the same time, there was another associate, let’s call him Jack, who I was working with and really loved. Every time we did business together, it was an enjoyable experience.
Over the course of time, I found myself saying how much I wished I could work more with Jack because his energy was so positive. I kept telling myself that I really needed to wean myself away from my Steve, preferably within the next couple of years, and build more business with Jack, whom I actually liked.
One day, after a particular round of negotiations was finished; Jack calls me and says he wants to work more with me. It was almost spooky because I never said anything to him about how much that had already been on my mind.
I think it’s an energy thing. When you put out into the world that which you want to receive, what you want becomes almost like a magnet, pulling in the things you’ve declared that you want most.
Have you ever had this happen to you? Where you’ve wanted something, maybe even declaring it verbally, only to have it transpire within days, weeks, or months?
This is why it helps so much to take the time to set regular goals. By writing down the things you want, by throwing them out and into the universe, you’re sending energy out into the world and asking it to look for what you want and send it back your way. You’re essentially charging the magnet so it draws the right things into your life.
To put this into practice, sit down right now and come up with a list of all of the things you want to achieve within the next 12 months. Include the goals you’d like to achieve both personally and professionally. Want to grow your business? Put it on the list. Want to work out more often? Add it to the list.
The more you can articulate what it is that you actually want to manifest, the more energy you will create around it. And the more energy you put out there, the more energy it will attract.

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