Crying Connection

One of the exercises I go through in my speeches involves asking audience members what they do. Typically people share their work position titles, along with some of their responsibilities.
One day not too long ago, I gave a speech and workshop for the American Bus Association (ABA). I did this particular exercise with one woman, who answered by telling us that she took care of seniors, talking passionately about how she helped them navigate obstacles in their lives. Within moments of sharing what this meant to her, she started crying.
Think about that for a moment. What this woman does on a daily basis is so meaningful to her it brings her to tears. And that’s not all. The moment was so powerful the entire room went silent. You could have heard a pin drop. Every person in the room was touched and moved by her vulnerability. It was an amazing bonding experience for all of us.
Can you imagine something like that in your own life? Can you picture yourself loving what you do so much you’re actually driven to tears? Can you envision doing something so important to you that you’re fully connected to it – not only mentally and physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well?
Doing work we love connects us to ourselves, satisfying our innermost needs and desires. It also allows us to better relate to others. When we’re passionate about the value we provide to the world, and what it provides in return, we’re more able to share that passion with others in a way that touches the deepest parts of their hearts, bringing them closer to us.
I witnessed this phenomenon in the meeting room that day. The woman was able to tap into her higher self. She was not afraid to share how she really felt, and her courage drew the audience to her. I believe we all need moments like that, where it’s okay to express our feelings outwardly; to let our emotions go, releasing them into the world around us.
Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. That woman is living proof. It is completely 100 percent possible to live a life that strengthens our connections – with the people who cross our paths and with ourselves.
You create this type of life by finding what you’re most passionate about. The things and activities that, when you think about them, cause your heart to beat a little faster. You experience them so deeply that your eyes start to tear up when you really focus on them.
The next step is to find ways to incorporate these things into your life. Maybe it’s very challenging to switch careers completely because you have too many financial obligations or you’re too scared. That’s okay. Figure out how to do your passion on a part-time or volunteer basis. The internal value is still there.
Doing what you love and loving what you do create a sense of peace, a feeling of satisfaction that only passion can create. It strengthens the soul in a way that makes you more whole, as if all your internal pieces are better connected to each other. It also strengthens your relationships. Even if you’re only in a person’s life for a moment, like in the meeting room that day, you’ll leave lasting memories. Memories you’ll both cherish for a lifetime.

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