EQ and Self-Awareness

Being the person who has had their fair share of ups and downs in life, I wanted to share the knowledge I’ve  learned from my experiences, and blogging is a big part of that. Whether it’s to be able to just share some wisdom and guidance or just to allow people to gain more knowledge about life, I’m looking forward to updating this space from time to time with ideas that I think are important to share.  

I’d like to share some thoughts about the value of Emotional Intelligence, and the importance of self-awareness to connect and deeply understand others.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term Emotional Intelligence before. I’d like to share with you the essential link between Emotional Intelligence, and the value of having honest, courageous self-awareness.

Self-awareness is important because it allows us to better understand ourselves. When we understand why we take the actions that we do, we can then see that the mistakes we have made in the past were due to us allowing our emotions to take over, causing us to ask the question, “Was that an unhealthy option?”  If the answer to that is “yes”, self-awareness gives us the tools to a) accept our past actions without judgement or blame, and b) consider how we might respond differently to the same circumstance next time. Using our intelligence to understand our actions, and the motives behind them, allows us to develop self-awareness about our actions.  Once we delve deeper within ourselves , we’re ready to better understand, and be compassionate toward the people around us. Of course, getting to this understanding requires lots of work.

The more we work on ourselves and develop a deep self-understanding, the easier it is to better understand others.  When we understand ourselves and the people around us, we have the ability to create better relationships and more success  in all aspects of our life.

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