I was recently attending synagogue and I was reflecting on how I can be a better person..what can I do to take a step in the right direction. I then noticed how the Rabbi was welcoming everyone and anyone into the services. He didn’t care if they were dressed in a suit or in jeans. He gave everyone an honor in the services and didn’t choose anyone by money, clothing or appearance. And… he did this seemingly without any judgement at all. His mantra seemed to be.. ”just show up” and we will welcome you to our congregation, one filled with love and acceptance.
I want to live that kind of life…a life without judgments on anyone and everyone, including myself. Yes, of course that’s going to be tough to accomplish, but when is growth ever easy?
My goal for myself is to live a life without judgment on anyone, and accept everyone. Sure, this is a tall task and I see it as a goal definitely worth fighting for. By living a life with no judgement on ourselves or others, we can all live a more peaceful, loving and empowering life.

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