An Update From Red

Hey guys it’s Red, working from home, staying at home, self isolating in NYC because a close friend of mine has tested positive for COVID. I”m feeling totally fine, and I’m also taking every precaution not to spread this.
Self isolating, or even shelter-in-place, might make you feel sad, and feel down. I want to let you know that it’s okay to feel all those emotions; it’s totally normal. It’s important to recognize that those emotions are a form of energy. And when we consider them as energy, we can potentially reframe that energy to something we can use.
What helps for me is to redirect all that built up confusion, and helplessness I may be feeling, and channel that energy towards something positive. Clean out a closet (or even your home screen on your laptop!), or read that book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand, or maybe even start WRITING that book. If you can, set aside quiet “you” time to consider what you want your life to be once this is all behind us. Being forced into shelter-in-place (or even quarantine) is something out of our control. Focusing on what you can control, which can include thinking about how you want your life will look once all this is behind us, might help transform the sadness, confusion, and helplessness into energy that will create a bright future for you. And that can start with just 30 minutes a day.
Be well,

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