Communicate Before You Detonate

How to communicate healthily in conflict

A few months ago, I borrowed my friend’s car. For the sake of this story and his privacy, let’s call him Anthony. After I used and returned his car, I texted him to say thank you and asked if there was anything else he needed from me. I didn’t expect a response, so it surprised […]

What “Holding Space” means and how to use it

Over this past weekend, I went for a long stroll around The Great Lawn in Central Park with someone very dear to me. It was a beautiful Fall morning and the air was crisp. During our walk, we each shared what had been happening in our lives and I noticed that my friend skirted around […]

The Progressive Path

Hi everyone, I know a lot has changed over the past few weeks. Most of us had hoped that the country would be getting back to normal, but it seems as though that is far from the truth. A lot of states have chosen to extend their stay-at-home orders for the safety of our citizens […]

An Update From Red

Hey guys it’s Red, working from home, staying at home, self isolating in NYC because a close friend of mine has tested positive for COVID. I”m feeling totally fine, and I’m also taking every precaution not to spread this. Self isolating, or even shelter-in-place, might make you feel sad, and feel down. I want to […]


I was recently attending synagogue and I was reflecting on how I can be a better person..what can I do to take a step in the right direction. I then noticed how the Rabbi was welcoming everyone and anyone into the services. He didn’t care if they were dressed in a suit or in jeans. […]

EQ and Self-Awareness

Being the person who has had their fair share of ups and downs in life, I wanted to share the knowledge I’ve  learned from my experiences, and blogging is a big part of that. Whether it’s to be able to just share some wisdom and guidance or just to allow people to gain more knowledge […]

Creating Connections

In my business as a speaker, it’s super important that I understand how people process their life and work situations. By knowing more about what makes them tick, why they do what they do, and how they think, I’m in a better position to help them create positive changes in their lives. Not changes that […]

My Macy’s Moment

Have you ever been out in public and watched people so engrossed with their cellphones that they’re oblivious to the world around them? You might have thought, “Wow! That’s an accident waiting to happen. Glad I never do that!” Some such phrase usually goes through my head when I see someone interact (or not interact) […]

Invaluable Feedback

A few weeks ago I gave a speech at SHRM, which stands for the Society for Human Resource Management. After the event I sent all the attendees a nice thank-you email. As I always do, I asked for feedback. I wanted to know what they thought I did well, where I can improve, and how, […]

Crying Connection

One of the exercises I go through in my speeches involves asking audience members what they do. Typically people share their work position titles, along with some of their responsibilities. One day not too long ago, I gave a speech and workshop for the American Bus Association (ABA). I did this particular exercise with one […]