As a sales leader, you know all too well that nothing happens until someone SELLS something. A high-performing sales team can knock down walls, generate amazing results, and keep going to do it again and again. THAT is the recipe for lasting sales success.

Red Katz has spent a lifetime selling in the accessories business for over 20 years and he knows that sales are equal parts mindset and skillset. Red works with your current sales methodology and dissects it to provide your team with the tools and strategies to increase sales and motivation.

Learning Objectives

After experiencing Red’s program, you and your sales team will be able to:
45-60 minutes
Best Suited to These Audiences:

Corporations, associations and groups who want to enhance their sales effectiveness. Hire Red for your next national sales meeting, sales conference, sales incentive program, and sales awards ceremonies.

Training Your Sales Muscle


Red Katz has presented at several Institute of Financial Operations chapter meetings including New Jersey, New York City and the multi chapter North East Regional Conference. He is an engaging and insightful speaker and really makes the audience think about what is really important to “YOU”. His message is personal, inspirational, funny and highly motivational. His presentation keeps you interested and leaves you wanting more. I highly recommend Red Katz for your next business engagement; a true professional with a great story to tell.