Red’s seminars on Success, Sales Communication, and Leadership are 45-60 minute interactive presentations that uncover our self-imposed obstacles and learn how to use our unique superpower to work through them. Each seminar is a stimulating and invigorating learning experience, filled with tools to help us achieve our most fulfilling life and career. Invigorate your business or life with one of the seminars below.


When we consider success, we often think of a bigger house, a nicer car, or a better job. But what if success meant tapping into your most passionate and fulfilling life? What if success meant breaking the mold, connecting with what we truly want from life, then crafting a life that pursued that dream with unflinching courage, conviction, and passion?

In this seminar, Red will help you uncover what it truly means to be successful and provide guidance for your journey to fulfillment.

Learning Objectives


The best team players understand the value of healthy communication skills. This includes listening and sharing with courage, vulnerability, compassion, empathy, and radical transparency. This form of communication sparks collaboration and creates a more unified team, leading to unparalleled results. Red’s Seminar on Authentic Communication equips teams with the tools to communicate fearlessly, driving them to shift gears into new high-performing depths and achievements.

Learning Objectives


A successful salesperson understands that rejection is just a state of mind. They view their obstacles as healthy challenges and reframe their mindset to achieve targeted goals. Top salespeople know that persistence and a long term step-by-step process are the keys to achieving stellar results. Their success relies on building trust and bona fide relationships with their team members and clients. Red’s seminar on Sales empowers sales teams to fearlessly understand themselves and harness the transformative power of self-awareness, leading to record-breaking results.

Learning Objectives


Great leaders are aware that their willingness to express vulnerability is the source of their biggest strength. Their most powerful tool is not instilling fear nor is it passive aggression. Leaders are most successful when they lead with empathy, openness, proactive listening, and collaboration. The best leaders ignite their team’s passion; inspiring commitment and courage that leads to record-breaking results. This Leadership seminar will inspire and teach your leaders to cultivate innovative, committed, and fearless teams.

This seminar highlights effective techniques that any leader can immediately apply to improve their team’s performance. Walk away with the invaluable tools, and the mindset to take your team to new heights.

Learning Objectives