Why choose RED?

Making an impact with energy, humor, and passion. Meet Red Katz

Empower your organization to thrive with a fun and energetic seminar by Red. Using his real-life experiences as an entrepreneur, author, and thought leader, your team will gain deep insights into how to unleash their unique superpowers, tap into deep emotional intelligence, and harness their self-awareness. 


Red is a powerful speaker with a high-impact message that will help your audience dream bigger, act bolder, and achieve more.


National Speaker Association

Red uses real-time exercises to help you shift your paradigm from “I can’t” to “I will”. Engage in a dialogue that emanates passion, authenticity, and optimism to enable yourself to become the best version of you. Like many thousands of others, your takeaways from each of Red’s seminars will help you:

Red Katz harnesses over 20 years of his experience as an entrepreneur, author, growth practitioner, and thought leader to show you how to lead a fulfilling and successful life. Empower yourself with deep self-awareness, transformative emotional insight, and uncover your unique superpowers.

Red's Background

“I create a world of peace, love, and happiness, by loving fully and completely” – Red’s Mission Statement

Relevant, relatable, and inspiring. Just over 15 years ago, Red went through a gut-wrenching divorce and devastating bankruptcy. After spiraling into a deep depression, he discovered and embarked on a journey of self-awareness and personal growth. Red Katz’s passion, tenacity, and energy were his sole drivers in leading him out of misery and into a joyful, successful, and fulfilling life.

Using the tools learned from this journey, Red regained his footing and built a successful high-end fashion business, Mazz NYC. Today Red facilitates and affects change in individuals and organizations with the tools he’s learned and developed over the last two decades. His mission is to guide people to embrace and lead their most fulfilling lives. As a devoted father of 3, a family man, and best friend, Red leads courageously with loving energy; connecting deeply with whomever he meets.